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Tips from Jo - The use of social media

Karratha 28/11/2014 01:04 PM

Although most of us don’t want to admit it, social media is part of our lives.

It is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, but not so good to have it in the workplace. It can cause many unwanted problems. Small comments can be taken out of context by your employer – things can get really out of hand quickly. It could even mean the loss of your job.

You may not be a friend or connected with your employer through social media, but the cyber world is much like the real world – SMALL. We all have many people who have mutual connections with each other.

You may be having a bad day and feel the need to vent your feelings to your page. Your friends may not understand the background in what you are saying. They may approach or advise your colleagues and boss, letting them know what you have posted.

Because of the nature of social networks, it is easy for us to believe that we are sharing our thoughts, photos and opinions just with our friends. The truth is that we’re probably sharing them with a much larger and more public group.

A few general tips for using social media profiles:

  • Keep your personal and professional profiles separate

  • Use your real name

  • Select an appropriate profile image

  • Join groups or networks selectively

  • Monitor and block comments

  • Un-tag yourself in inappropriate images

  • Be selective about what information you share

  • Tell the truth! Don’t lie about qualifications & experience

  • Use positive keywords that make you “findable”

Therefore remember to think carefully about what you are posting online as you never know what the consequences could be. Employers are increasingly searching for applicants online, so try to present yourself in a positive light!

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